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The largest research project in Canada examining sex work and prostitution law.

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Team leader: Cecilia Benoit, PhD

Scientist & Professor Emerita

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Learning more about people and their experiences in the Canadian sex industry is the goal of this research project funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

We have conducted further research on the impact of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (Bill C-36) on the health and safety of sex workers.

The sex industry, like other industries, is often more significant, complex and misunderstood than people realize. It involves a range of services and different types of relationships between people from various ethnic, economic and educational backgrounds. Yet unlike most other types of work, sex work carries the enormous burden of social stigma, safety concerns and legal issues, making the health and well-being of workers—and their families, managers and clients—difficult to achieve and maintain.

The project involves a variety of Canadian community organizations and an international team of researchers headed by Cecilia Benoit, a sociologist located at the University of Victoria. The team aims to understand better what our society can do to help improve the environments and lives of people associated with Canada’s sex industry.

Recent Peer-Reviewed Articles, Reports and Webinars

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Recent team grant releases:

Science Fact or Science Fiction: Are All Sex Workers Victimized?

Throughout much of the world, sex work is often regarded as a dangerous and exploitive profession. While sex workers are more likely to experience violence and poor health than the general population, is it accurate to depict all sex workers as victims? Are violence and poor health inherent to the nature of such work, or are they the products of punitive laws and inadequate social conditions? What do we really know about the experiences of sex workers in Canada? Read more.... English French

Team Grant Working Paper Summary Report.

Ouellet, N. Benoit, C. 2014. Building on the Evidence: An International Symposium on the Sex Industry in Canada. Summary Report. Read more English French


Team Grant Working Paper

We are pleased to present some preliminary findings from our Team Grant in our working paper. We will be discussing and ciritically assessing our findings at our symposium in Ottawa on September 22, 2014 entitled, Building on the Evidence: An International Symposiumon the Sex Industry in Canada. In the document you will find a link to provide feedback on the report. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sex Industry Legislation Perpetuates Stereotypes: Study

University of Victoria researchers have highlighted preliminary findings from the largest and most comprehensive study of the sex industry undertaken in Canada in a brief (English version/French version) to the Justice and Human Rights Committee, which is poised to begin examination of Bill C-36—the proposed legislation governing the sex industry—in Ottawa on July 7.


Please forward your questions and feedback on the Team Grant working paper to the Understanding Sex Work research team.